💜 Self Care Habits 💜

Over the years, I’ve developed some awesome self care habits that I would like to share with you in the hope that it may help you too. I haven’t always been this way though and my awakening happened in 2017 after a huge tragedy in our family’s life that occurred in 2016. I think itContinue reading “💜 Self Care Habits 💜”

🔥 Rise Up 🔥

Well, hello there Risen Warriors ❤️ 🔥   You’ve obviously stepped onto my page for good reason and I’m so glad that you’re here 😊 Do you see yourself as a Risen Warrior Woman or do you want to become one? We are all warriors! Maybe you’re looking to step up your game in life to be a better version of you and honour your inner Goddess. BeingContinue reading “🔥 Rise Up 🔥”