🌺 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me 🌺

So, I thought I’d get a bit personal (not too much though but just a little bit) and tell you 10 things that you probably didn’t know about me.

  1. I am psychic. Some may know this already and while not completely developed, my psychic-ness (if that’s a word) is based around my gut, my strong feelings and a sense of energy. I occasionally have intuitive hits that often come true, it’s a bizarre feeling but I’m very intrigued when this happens. I can sense energies quite strongly and I’ve always been one to sense the energy of someone whether that be good or bad energy and usually, I’m pretty correct in this. After some research, this means my psychic abilities are clairempathy and claire-sentience.
    According to tonyhyland.com, clairempathy is defined as:
    Clairempathy, is the perception, or awareness, of emotional energy. In other words, an empath senses (is aware of) other people’s thoughts, emotions and symptoms, but does not necessarily feel them physically.
    Claire-sentience is defined as:
    Clairsentience is an individual’s ability to obtain intuitive insights by way of physically feeling (as opposed to merely “sensing”) energy.
  2. I am entrepreneurial. Although I’ve not yet found a niche, I am working on it and I have a great idea that is soon to come to fruition 🥳 My family are very entrepreneurial which is where I probably get it from.
  3. I’m a belly dancer. I love to belly dance. You probably know this one as I’ve made a couple of posts about belly dance already, but I had to include it 💃
  4. I love solitude. Being lonely and being alone are two different things and over the years I have grown to love my own company. Solitude for me is my chance to regather and reground myself. I do get lonely but not very often.
  5. I’ve been to Iraq. I went to Erbil in 2018 🇮🇶 it’s a beautiful country, it’s so advanced and I loved the old market there. Don’t be fooled by propaganda.
  6. I buy myself flowers once a week. It’s all about self care and self love especially during the pandemic, we need to show care for ourselves and I do this by brightening up my home once week with beautiful flowers. This week, I bought myself some lovely bright tulips 🌷
  7. I’m half Welsh and half Egyptian with a bunch of other ethnicities mixed in. Before my father passed, he told me that his mother (my grandmother, Nina) was part Albanian. On my mother’s side, I’m also English, Irish (my grandfather) and I have distant cousins in Norway! I should get onto doing one of those DNA tests to see what cocktail I actually am 😃
  8. I’m so clumsy. I am always banging into something or hurting myself somehow, I’ve been like this since I was a kid. My most recent accident is cutting my foot open (still trying to heal) on my foot which is very awkward due to the location of the wound and it’s taking forever to heal.
  9. I’ve lived in America. I did a work travel program with uni back in 2006 and was working in Orlando, Florida for the summer. I worked in Universal Studios on the Hulk ride. Hated the uniform but a great experience full of drama, highs and lows.
  10. I don’t conform to generalisations and standards that others live by. I live by my own standards and I do what makes me happy because others opinions are basically none of my business and any opinions that they do have are from their own experiences which I will not apply to my own life. I’m a grown woman nearing my 40’s with confidence in making my own decisions. I have enough life experience to make the right choices for myself. I’m passionate about this topic because others always feel they have a right to comment on what you’re doing without looking into their own life and resolving their own issues. (Ok, so I’ll be writing up a separate blog post on this one in time) 😊

Thanks for reading! 🔥

Have a great day and enjoy the long awaited sunshine ☀️

Santorini. 2017

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