❤️ ACHIEVED: Law of Attraction Certified Coach Practitioner ❤️

Good Morning! ☀️

Some good news in my world this morning, I’ve just received my certification as a Law of Attraction Coach Practitioner and I’m so excited to start my new journey!

Anyone who knows me knows how much passion I have for the Law of Attraction and this is something in my life that I do indeed practice what I preach. I talk about it a lot and I burn my friends & family’s ears constantly talking about the Law of Attraction to them for good reason. They probably do get annoyed with me but I only share this information because I know how much it works and I want it to work for them.

We are always manifesting, the Law of Attraction is always working – so why not ask for good things instead of worrying about how, why, where and who 😊

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.”

tony robbins

As mentioned in my previous posts, I have been working with the Law of Attraction now for over two years and whilst this has been on and off, these days it’s more ON and life everyday is throwing me some fantastic surprises! I am becoming very much in tune with the Law of Attraction everyday as I invoke it into my life to fulfill my desires and what I want out of life.

Working with the Law of Attraction came about when I was going through some pretty rough times in my life and once I discovered what it can do for me and how it could change my life (which it has), I was intrigued with the practices and theories involved. I was and still am very curious to learn how to make it to work for me and not against me. I first started by switching my thinking – I woke up one day and I had enough of going round in circles with troubles & worries following me in different shapes and forms. I started to practice gratitude purposefully by noting it down in my gratitude journal daily and really feeling that gratitude. I started practicing positive affirmations, listening to upbeat music and just seeing the good in everything as much as I could which in turn made me more motivated and happy. As this process carried on, my life started to change inwardly at first and then seeing the results in physical form just made me think, “I want more of this.” I’m still on this journey and I’m not giving it up any time soon. I’d rather live my life full of happiness and positivity than go round in circles feeling depressed, anxious and wondering “what if.”

As a result of all of this, I thought, why not push the boat out a little further to expand my knowledge, so I signed up to a Udemy course to achieve my certification as a Law of Attraction Coach Practitioner and I’ve finally achieved it. Yay! I am so looking forward to practicing & developing my skills within the Law of Attraction to help achieve the life that I want. I hope too that I can help others to achieve their life passions and desires with my developed knowledge. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Below is my certificate – I am thrilled! (I’ve put a line through my name for privacy reasons)

Have a lovely day Risen Warriors! 🔥

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