☀️ 10 Positive Affirmations for Motivation ☀️

Positive affirmations are my thing! I say them out loud with so much passion and confidence. I feel the emotions of the words as I’m saying them which in turn allows me to feel fantastic and that I can do and achieve anything, hence the purpose of positive affirmations. I’m so happy that today is my 35th day of continuously practicing positive affirmations and so I’ve decided to change them up for another 35 days to boost my spirit and vibration.

Change is always a good thing! 😉

I often search online on whether we should stick with the same positive affirmations or change them up regularly. I didn’t find anything on this so I think it comes down to personal preference and everyone should have their own chosen affirmations to match their desires and intentions.

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“It is impossible to bring more into your life if you are feeling ungrateful about what you have. Why? Because the thoughts and feelings you emit as you feel ungrateful are all negative emotions. ”

 Rhonda Byrne, The Secret
  1. I am grateful for the many blessings in my life.
  2. I am intune with the abundant nature of the universe.
  3. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
  4. I attract the perfect people at the right time.
  5. Something wonderful is always on the verge of happening.
  6. I am worthy. I am enough.
  7. My body knows what’s best for my health and wellbeing.
  8. I am brave. I am bold. I am beautiful.
  9. I now create the space in my life for great love.
  10. I feel love because I love and respect myself.
Photo by Renda Eko Riyadi on Pexels.com

How Do I Feel After 35 Days?

I have to say, I’m feeling pretty fantastic and I’ve had many changes even within the physical form over these 35 days. Within me I feel hopeful, excited and so grateful for everything in my life. I know that something is happening at the moment in the unseen and it’s soon to come to physical form; I no longer worry about ‘how’ things will happen. I trust the universe will give me my desires. Positive affirmations are great to tackle our limiting beliefs as they boost our confidence and our ability to manifest easier. As my inner world is changing, so does my outer world and I can really feel it!

My positive thinking is now more stable and any negative emotions or feelings that come to me, I acknowledge them and I release them; bringing myself back into a positive state as soon as I recognise a negative thought. My confidence is so much better now and I feel that I am capable of anything and I can achieve anything that I want to achieve. I am working towards my manifestations, I’ve manifested quite a few things already which gives me more trust that my future manifestations will come to physical form and I feel very blessed in my current situation knowing that things can only get better.

My positive thinking allows me to expand my horizons, spot opportunities easier, listening to my intuition, trusting myself and knowing what is best for myself and my wellbeing. Everything just seems to be falling to place nicely and I’m happy. I feel more open to opportunities, I don’t feel limited, I’m willing to go out of my comfort zone and discover new things in life. I’ve actually never felt so free as I do at the moment.

“You can’t just visualize and go eat a sandwich.”

jim carrey

What are you positive affirmations? Do you practice them? What are you thoughts?

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