🔥 Smudging that makes you go “Ooooooh!!” 🔥

Sage, Sage & More Sage.

Sage. It’s been around for thousands of years, used as a spiritual practice and is becoming very popular in today’s day and age! So as we have been placed into another lockdown here in the UK, (aka LOCKDOWN 3.0 as everyone is calling it), the need for smudging myself, my home, in particular my NOISY neighbour is in more demand than ever, especially being confined in my own home possibly for months to come!

My lovely smudge stick wrapped in rose petals

I was always told about sage (smudging) but wasn’t entirely sure about it and I didn’t pay it any thought or attention, but since around the middle of lockdown last year, I treated myself to sage as part of a lockdown birthday gift to myself so I thought I’d give it a try. Last year was very trying, and I found it to be very challenging. I’ve been through a lot worse in life, but I did experience a lot of anxiety and I was quite sad most days despite trying best to remain positive. I think we all went through the mill one way or the other last year. But wow, the sage! I felt the effects immediately. It is scientifically proven that sage contains negative ions and, when you’re smudging your environment, negative energies are released. Since then, I sage at least every other day.

I have a terrible neighbour, he is extremely noisy and inconsiderate. I’ve been trying to sage him out of my life, it’s not working yet but my reaction to his noise has changed except on occasions if I haven’t smudged in over 3 days. That’s proof for me that it does work. 😊

Not only is it good for releasing negative energies, but it’s great for making your environment smell nice and fresh. When you sage, you will notice the air around you feels lighter pretty much straight away.

Proven benefits of smudging:

  1. Scientifically, sage neutralises the positive charge in the air & releases large amounts of negative ions into the air. A build up in positive charge means that there is tension in the air.
  2. Medicinal purposes who are affected by poor air quality.
  3. Increases awareness and clarity.
  4. Mood enhancer, feel good physically, spiritually & mentally.
  5. Dispels negative energies
  6. Releases any anxieties you may have

So, how do you smudge?

  1. Buy some sage, first off! Make sure it’s reputable and has good reviews so you’re not buying something that is toxic. It’s always good to also ensure that the sage is ethically sourced 😊
  2. Light the sage for 10 seconds, allow the flame to burn for 10 seconds and then blow it out gently.
  3. Have your windows open so that the negative energies can freely fly out of your environment 😃
  4. Sage all corners of your rooms and sage with intent. You could say “I remove all negative energies within me and around me.’ I say this repetitively to make myself consciously aware while doing it.
  5. Sage/smudge yourself. I tend to start from my feet and work upwards and turn around until I reach my head.
  6. Once finished, I get a pair scissors and then cut off the burning sage tips into the sink so that way I know it has been extinguished properly.
  7. And there you have it! Feel more positive, happier and free 😁

Where do I get my sage from?

Here is the link (please note, I am not making money from this or have any link with this shop, other than the fact that I buy my sage from here) 😊

It’s called Afterglobe Rose Sage Smudge Sticks and Selenite Wand for Cleansing Aura and Negative Energy. I personally love this one and I love Selenite, I have 3 now 😍

Do you smudge? Would you? Think it’s a load of crap or would you try it?

Let me know in the comments 🔥

*** As with anything that contains burning or fire, do be careful and sage cautiously with care ❤️ I use a small plate when I smudge so that the ashes or flames don’t fall onto the floor ***

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